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Toroidal COre for Medium Voltage CT

Vilas Transcore Ltd. specializes in manufacturing Toroidal Cores in c.r.g.o. materials for low, medium and high frequency, CTs, PTs and various types of Transformers.

Vilas Transcore is devoted to the development of high-efficiency energy-saving and excellent performance magnetic cores. As a reward of its continuous efforts, the company has been the leader of magnetic core manufacture in India. Quality is the priority issue in Vilas Transcore’s philosophy; it was certified to TUV ISO 9001 quality assurance system in 2008.

Vilas Transcore produces Toroidal Cores in many different dimensions made to order to customer specification.

Core can be manufactured in material grade ZDMH/HPDR, ZdKH, MoH, M4 as per the specification of the customer.

Cores can be manufacture in material thickness 0.18mm, 0.23mm, 0.27mm, 0.30mm and 0.35mm.

Cores are available in epoxy coating with varnish and bare cores according to customer specification.

Electrical Testing

All cores, unless otherwise state, are individually tested to the standard guarantee specifications. Special test conditions, when required, can be applied and guaranteed to suit customers’ individual requirements.