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Transformer Core coil Assembly

The core assembly is vertically placed with the foot plate touching the ground. the top yoke of the core is removed. The limbs of the core are tightly wrapped with cotton tape.

Cylinder made out of insulating press board/pressphan paper is wrapped on all the three limbs.

Low Voltage Coil is placed on the insulated core limbs

Insulating block of specified thickness and number are placed both at the top and bottom of the L.V.Coil.

Cylinder made out of corrugated paper or plain cylinder with oil ducts are provided over L.V.Coil.

H.V.Coils are placed over the cylinder.

Gap between each section of H.V.Coils including top & bottom clearances is maintained with the help of oil ducts, as per the design/drawings.

The Top Yoke is refilled. Top core frame including core bolts and tie rods are fixed in position.


Primary and secondary windings are connected as per the requirements. Phase barrier between H.V.phases are placed as per requirement. Connections to the tapping switch or oltc (if required) are made.

Finally, the component is placed in the oven.

Vilas Transcore is devoted to the development of high-efficiency energy-saving and excellent performance magnetic cores. As a reward of its continuous efforts, the company has been the leader of magnetic core manufacture in India. Quality is the priority issue in Vilas Transcore's philosophy; it was certified to TUV ISO 9001 quality assurance system in 2008.

Vilas Transcore produces Toroidal Cores in many different dimensions made to order to customer specification.